Be a better fisherman... join our classes!
Fly fishing is a wonderful way to escape the stress and commotion of everyday life and become completely immersed in the simplicity and serenity of the wild. To help novice anglers pursue the art of fly fishing, Rocky Mountain Anglers offers fly fishing classes which provide an excellent introduction to the sport and help develop the abilities required to fish various water conditions with success. Additionally, to reinforce newly acquired knowledge and skills, we encourage class participants to book a guided trip with one of the class instructors or guides at a 20% discount. So sign up for our inspiring and highly instructive fly fishing classes today!
Intro to Fly Fishing - Free Introduction to Fly Fishing classes are held almost every other weekend throughout the season at our shop in Boulder, from 10am to 1pm. Classes are free and open to aspiring anglers aged 10 and older. Each class is presented in three segments lasting approximate 1 hour each. The helpful and friendly RMA staff will answer all your questions and help you understand the basics of fly fishing along the front range as well as the Rocky Mountain west. Space is limited, so please call the shop to sign up at 303-447-2400.
Topics Covered
  • Gear & Equipment
  • Rigging & Knots
  • Casting Techniques
  • Presentation
  • Landing & Releasing
  • Entomology - Bugs & Imitations
  • Stream Etiquette & Stewardship
  • Local Fishing Destinations

Rentals Available, Call for Pricing
Enrollment Price: Free - Call to Sign Up! Class Dates: January202026thFebruary202015th1-4pmMarch20207th1-4pmMarch202021stApril20203rdApril202019th