River Report
Report Bugs Weather Map River Rating: River Flow: 1540 cfs Current Temp: 48°F 
River Statistics:
» Northgate Canyon
Current:   1540 cfs
6 Hrs Ago:   1430 cfs
12 Hrs Ago:   1320 cfs
24 Hrs Ago:   1260 cfs
Gage Height:   4.54 ft

The best stretches will be the tail waters until March when Saratoga starts to fish with some consistency. The Reef is a little icy close to Lusby, but has been fishing good on the upper reaches. Try leeches, scuds, annelids, and midges. Solid fishing all day long, with fish holding on edges and soft seams close to the bottom. Changing depth and weight can often be as important as switching flies this time of year. The warming of each day has seen some decent midge hatches, and these bugs get thicker over late winter. Slow stripped streamers are also taking fish. Try an Orange Blossom Special, or a Sparkle Minnow under an indicator, and mend it aggressively to get it to twitch and dance along the bottom. Trail a scud or leech behind and hold on! Midges like Black Beauties, Foam Backs, orBiot Emwergers work well mid day when the bugs are most active. She is starting to wake, and fishes good from here on out, weather permitting.

Miracle Mile is fishing steady with the same bugs as the Reef. Purple Worms seem to be a popular winter fly, and huevos, scuds, leeches, and Stones are also on the menu. Cold and icy up top in the canyon, the runs farther downstream seem to be fishing better. Here too the depth can be as important as fly selection, and cold weather is keeping the fish closer to the bottom. Streamer fishing seems a bit slow, but it is only early February. Try nymphing a streamer and twitch it randomly. This sometimes works when there aren't too many bugs moving. Hot head flies work good early in the season as well, so tie up a few leeches or Stones with an orange bead if heading to the Mile. Recent snow has the road in a touch messy, but this should improve with some nicer weather. Water temperatures start to climb out of the cellar over the next few weeks, and by mid March the fishing usually starts to really heat up.

Freemont is fishing good this winter, and this may be the best place to fish some small midge dries. The Cardwell access is far easier than the ice in the canyon these days. Look for big lake run bows as early as mid February throughout this stretch of water. Crowds are down but traffic certainly picks up by the end of this month.
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